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Sigurður Már

Answeres to your questions and Informations
A. Sigurður Már Helgason
B. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland on Apríl 29. 1940.
Education & Training;
Coure in Woodcarving in the School of Art & Handwork ( Handidaskolinn). Reykjavik
1952. Trade & Industry School, Reykjavik 1958 to 1962 and at the same time an
apprentice in upholstery with a large furniture and cabin makers in Reykjavik named
VIDIR. Became a master in upholstery in May 18. 1966. Attended a cours in upholstery
held in Reykjavik by the Technological Institute of Denmark. Attended a cours in
watercolor painting with Eythor Stefansson, artist, Reykjavik.
My first designing appeared about 1965
Designing work
Is a part off being a furniture maker. There is a constant urgency to meet the market with
new things. The market constantly needs new ideas and useful things.Designers must
constantly have that in mind.
My carrier as a designer
I have been designing all kind of furnitures such as chairs and sofa set. Toys for children.
There among are plans and deigns for small wood house. The idea is to introduce basic
carpentry and workmanship to the children (boys and girls) leaving primary school. That
is a busy places in the sommer time and popular.
I am interested by old and new things and i have that in mind when I do try out new
things. Sometime I wake up in the middle of the night and start working on a new born
idea when it comes to my mind and start working. Sometimes all goes well. But
sometimes I have to do it over and over again until everything fits to satisfaction. New
ideas are constantly born in my mind.
I am concerned about my family, relatives and friends and new ideas,
The history of Iceland, which is a small nation, the Icelandic culture, the Sagas and our
old language, We live on an island quite far from other countries. We sometimes
experience extreem wether and volcanic activities which seldom do much harm as we
have learned to cope with that.
What I like most in live
Good relation with my children , grand children, relatives and friends..
I have been in contact with a firm named Mosa Design in Holland.
B.My firm:
The name of my firm is Model Husgogn (Model Furniture)
Model-husgogn ehf. Hraunbergi 11 111 Reykjavík, Iceland.
How the name became.
In the beginning my ides was to custom make furniture in many different types Therefore
its name is “ Model” Each individually made. ( Model Made)
C. Products.
The idea behind FUZZY
Was to make ideal gift especially made as girls as a Confirmation gift.
FUZZY is certainly made according Icelandic tradition. When you take look at FUZZY
the top (seat) is made of the Icelandic sheepskin. Sheep was for Centuries the most
important animal in the country. Its meat was used for food. The wool for garments such
as sweaters, mittens, socks and head gear, scarfs. The skin was used for garments and
shoes. The sheep came to this country with the early settlers more than 1000 years ago
and was the most important domestic animal in the country all the time. It has developed
very long over hair up to 20 cm. long and very fine plushy under hair. As such it is not
known on any other sheep today. The pegs are made to look as a drop of water and we
in Iceland have a plenty of fine fresh water.
When we were looking for a name for the little stool we certainly thought of legendary
name according to old Icelandic tradition and legends, we came up with the English
word “fluffy “ we came up with a new English word Fuzzy which in fact means
something smooth and hairy.
FUZZY is really hand made and I my self do 95% of the work. I cut sew. dress and
make the stool´s pegs and pack the goods.
D. Exebitions & showes:
DI. Belasenter Kaupmanahöfn 1972
Scandinavian Design Beyond the Hyth- Fifty years of
desing from the Nordic countries ár 2003
omur thjodmynjasafn islands
Books : Scandinavian New Design USA www.CHRONICLEBOOKS.COM
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