Fuzzy í Hús og Híbýlum

Ég birti þetta viðtal sem var tekið við mig hjá Hús of Híbýlum 10. TBL. 2015 af Elvu Hrund Ágústsdóttur og þakka fyrir góð orð í minn garð.
Hér til hliðar má sjá enska þýðingu af greininni. Upprunalegu greinina má sjá með því að ýta á myndina.

22 honnunarklassik_fuzzy-page-001

Design classic isn’t just found with foreign designers. We Icelanders can be proud of the Fuzzy stool that was first introduced in 1972. Sigurður Már the designer of the stool but he has been making the stool as well as making toys for kids. Fuzzy became popular right in the eighties and then mostly as a gift. It’s popularity hasn’t got less since then, i mean the chair looks as native Icelandic as it gets although it looks are taken from its name Fuzzy wich in Latin means a small hairy man. Now of days the chair is available in couple of colors, both the wool and the legs. It’s not only Icelanders who are fascinated by Fuzzy because he is also for show at the American Scandinavian Foundation in New York and has been in most of the biggest magazines around the globe and recently it was on the cover of a big France design magazine.